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Our inventory includes many hard to find parts such as jewels, staffs, wheels, stems, mainsprings, pocket watch crowns, etc. Are you in need of a tool that your supplier no longer handles? Give me a try.

Ordering information:

Watchmakers/jewelers: For authentic replacement wristwatch crystals please refer to your G-S and Rocket wristwatch crystal replacement catalogs. For pocket watch crystals, please give me the exact size and style of crystal. Contact me electronically or by phone for availability and price.

Many odd ball watches with no factory designated replacement crystals are more difficult to fit without the benefit of the watch being in front of me, due to the curvature(s) of the watch case and the height of the hands. If you request a watch crystal for such a watch, the only way I may be able to help is for you to insure your watch and send it to me. For an additional service charge, I will fit the crystal myself and mail the watch with its new crystal back to you. Some pocket watch crystals may need this additional service for a perfect fit, stylistically and otherwise.

Compete watch restoration services are available. My specialty is antique wrist and pocket watches, both Swiss and American, made between the years 1920 and 1960. As these watches have seen many years of service most are in need of a restoration rather than just a cleaning, to deliver accurate time and assure longevity to your family heirlooms. Complete restoration service begins at $250.

Contact: Send Watches to:
Terry Nelson
Portland, Oregon

or at
Terry Nelson - watchmaker
p.o. box 42014
Portland, Or. 97242

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