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What We Do And How We Do It

We sell hard to find antique watch parts to the tradesmen. We only handle material for American and Swiss watches. No Asian, German, English, French or Ubangy watch inquiries please. We also have no material for ANY battery operated watches, yes including Accutron. Should you as a watchmaker, need a replacement wrist watch crystal, request it by using the appropriate replacement numbers- either G-S or rocket. All movement parts must be requested by using the movement calibre number and the part description.

I will replace pocket watch crystals, but only when you send me the bezel itself. No other conditions. Pocket watches with the cover flap- called "hunter case" are difficult to fit without the entire watch before me. Clearance issues between the hands and the inside of the lid cause this. The minimum charge for an pocket watch crystal replacement including shipping and handling, postage and insurance is $70.


We don't sell crystals wholesale.
We don't sell our repair services wholesale.
We don't sell watch parts to craft people who use them to make ear rings
or bolo ties.
We don't sell crystals based on the watches model name.
We don't sell crystals for cheap watches such as Bulls eye, Ingersol
We are not a finder service.
We are not an internet appraisal service.
We don't specialize in watch band repair.
We don't engrave.
We don't attempt to diagnose mechanical problems without the watch being before us.

Should you be in need of a high quality antique watch crystal, as a watchmaker/jeweler or as an owner of a vintage watch, and are having difficulty finding the exact watch part replacement, we most likely have it. You owe it to yourself and your timepiece to do it right the first time.


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